Curso A1.1 Portuguese for Foreigners

Foreign citizens, aged 16 and over, for whom Portuguese is a foreign language.
The Portuguese Language online course is aimed at beginners who intend to develop skills at an initial level, in speaking and writing.

Portuguese is the 6th most spoken language in the world, the 3rd European language of global expression and the 1st language of the Southern hemisphere. It is spoken by 250 million people (3.7% of world population) in 8 countries where it has the status of an official language. It is the most spoken language in the Southern hemisphere with a total of 217,341 million speakers.

At the end of this course unit, students are expected to understand and use basic vocabulary/expressions related to areas of immediate relevance and to interact in simple everyday situations.
- Introductions, greetings and goodbyes
- Personal information
- Family
- Places
- Routines
- Shopping
- Arrangements/Plans
- Classes through zoom or skype.

- Classes will focus on all language skills, giving all the students the chance to participate and interact in the class;

- The students will do several reading and listening comprehension exercises;

- The students activities will do several activities aimed at improving students’ speaking skills in everyday situations.

- High quality courses certified by DGERT – (Ministry of Education of Portugal).

Learn anywhere with experienced native teachers!

Saturdays 15h - 16h 30m
Duration: 8 weeks
No previous knowledge
Our special online learning program is a fantastic way to study Portuguese wherever you are